Todor Angelov from Bulgaria is the winner of the WTI 2014-15

2015-12-04 15:47

Todor Angelov is the winner of the 7th edition of the WTI 2014-2015 with gains of 259.65 %. Todor is senior business analyst at ICAP Bulgaria and has a Master of Science Finance and a Master of Arts from the University of Kentucky. He has managed through the past 12 months a portfolio of stocks, CFDs and Forex and maintained a high ratio of winning trades with a systematic approach. His account has averaged 21 round turns in the most active months that have generated net profits of $ 9 577.82 from an account that started with $ 3 688.71.

Todor Angelov is the participant that ran a $ 3 688.71 account to $13 266.53 for the extraordinary net return of 259.65% in 12 months. 

The second place and winner of the Spanish League is David Mora Lopez with gains of 100,77%. These are extraordinary performances in a very difficult year from markets which have been impacted by the Swiss Central Bank event in January that affected all forex traders, and eliminated a huge quantity of participants in the WTI because of leverage. The August market correction was another blood bath for participants trusting the support of Central Banks. The result is an enormous amount of people with losses in the market and losses in the WTI competition.

We would like to congratulate the performance of the winner of the Spanish League David Mora Lopez and the winner of the WTI 2014-2015 Todor Angelov.





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