Alexander Ivanchev Posts 227% net gains in 17 days

2014-12-17 22:12

The biggest and oldest real Money trading competition The World Top Investor, is entering the third week of the 12 month competition. The WTI is not a social competition, it’s a real opportunity for real traders and investors to make money and eventually further their careers, by getting a job in the industry after proving themselves. Alexander Ivanchev from Bulgaria, trading with Broker house Karoll out of Sofia is doing exceptionally well with gains of 227% in 17 days.

The World Top Investor competition is geared towards measuring a trader’s ability for low risk/high reward investments along with growth consistency. Luck is only a small part of the competition that is the reason it is a 12 month long event, so there is no mistake that they are real global talents among the best fund managers in the world.

Only the World Top Investor competition allows people not living in the financial centres like London or New York to be discovered by the financial markets regardless where they live.  Alexander Ivanchev will be carefully followed in the next few weeks.





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